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World’s First AC/DC Combined UHV Substation Putinto Operation
Date:2016-08-19    Click:
At9:20 am of April 3, the Taizhou 1,000kVSubstation came into service after 72 hours of trial operation. It should be noted that AHEDIwas one of the design members.

The Taizhou 1,000kVSubstation is the first AC/DC combined UHV substation in the world and alsoakey UHV project of the State Grid National Corporation of China. AHEDIundertook the feasibility study independently and the design of Package B and other auxiliary works of the substation through public bidding. The reliability ofexternal power received by the receiving-endgrid in East China is highly increased after it is put intooperation. As one of the critical links of the UHV grid in East China, this substation will become an important portal of the UHV grid in East China to receive the north thermal power after the Weifang-Lianyungang-Taizhou power corridor is put into operation, therefor layinga solid network foundation for the grid in East China to receive UHV power in the future.

Because the project design and equipment tendering was late, there wasn’t much time prior to its start-up. All members of the design team worked out abundant civil drawings necessary for the pre-construction phase in the face of such difficulties as tight construction period andheavy task in two months. During the whole process of construction, the design staff participated actively and played an important role in all links such as site survey, project review, concept optimization, design joint meeting, drawing design, technical disclosure, jointinspection of drawings, site representative service and quality inspection. All the design staff made great efforts to ensure the successful operation of the Taizhou 1,000kV Substation.