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#2 Boiler Drum of the Takalar Project Successfully Installed
Date:2016-08-19    Click:

At 10: 30am of June 25, the #2 boiler drum of theTakalar 2×100MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project designed by AHEDI was successfully installed. It is the first time for the AHEDI to adopt international standards to design a thermal power project during the whole design process.

It was a critical link to put the 2# boiler drum in placeduring the boiler installation. With a length of 17.586 m, a diameter of 1.6 m, a weight of 68.6 tons, and an installation elevation of 47.2 m, the boiler drum was put in place by two 15-ton winches and 2 sets of 80-ton pulley blocks. After two hours of lifting, the drum arrived atthe desired elevation, and then was moved, positioned, aligned and pined. The lifting and positioning operation facilitated the installation of large components of the #2 boiler’ heating surface.

As of June 25, around 50% of the construction drawings for Takalar 2×100MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project has been finished, meeting the on-site construction requirements.AHEDI will continue to exert self-advantages, actively provide more exquisite and excellent services to project owners at the construction site, and design high-quality projects to satisfy the owners in follow-up design processes.