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Expansion of 500kV Feixi Substation Designed by CEEC AHEDI Successfully Put into Operation
Date:2018-05-08    Click:

    On May 4, the expansion of main transformer 2# of 500kV Feixi Substation, designed by Huadian Corporation of CEEC AHEDI, was powered and successfully put into operation.

    500kV Feixi Substation is an important part of the East China Power Grid and is the main point power source on the 220kV power grid in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is a key project to meet the peak demand in summer. The expansion will play an important role in increasing the power supply capacity and reliability of the power grid in Hefei and ensuring safe and stable operation of the East China Power Grid.

 During the entire construction period of the project, the project team of Huadian Corporation always worked closely with the participating parties to overcome difficulties, effectively focused on the demands and was dedicated to the service. A dynamic operation mechanism of "Designer in contact with the constructor who feeds back to Designer" was established for strictly control of the progress and quality goals of construction drawings. Despite adverse conditions including technical difficulties and safety risks in the expansion of the substation, the construction was carried out in a well-organized manner, and the project was completed as scheduled. The excellent technical skills and first-class service quality of the technical staff of the company has established a good brand image of "CEEC AHEDI" in all the participating parties!