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500kV Wuhu-3 (Exi) Substation Designed by CEEC AHEDI Successfully Put into Operation
Date:2018-05-18    Click:

 On May 15, a key construction project to "meet the peak demand in summer" on Anhui Power Grid - 500kV Wuhu-3 (Exi) Substation, designed by CEEC AHEDI, was formally powered, which will ensure safe operation of Wuhu Power Grid during the peak of this summer and has laid the foundation for the commissioning of ±1100kV Guquan Converter Station.

    In recent years, the load on Wuhu Power Grid has grown rapidly. It is expected that the average annual growth of the maximum load during the “12th Five-Year Plan” will reach nearly 13.8% and that in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” will be nearly 12%. Facing the rapid load growth, the power supply capacity of the grid seems tight. In 2018, there is a gap of about 1,490kW in Wuhu 500 kV transformer capacity, and 500kV main transformer capacity is in urgent need. The project will meet the increased demand of electricity and effectively mitigate the constraint of the low 500kV transformation capacity of Wuhu Grid on the growth of electricity consumption.

In order to ensure that 500kV Wuhu-3 (Exi) Substation will be put into operation before the peak demand in the summer, CEEC AHEDI has overcome various difficulties and increased human and material resources, to guarantee the supply of drawings to the site and lay a solid foundation for early operation of the project.