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CEEC AHEDI Honored as an Outstanding "Provincial Corporate Technology Center"
Date:2018-06-08    Click:

 In June, 7 departments including Anhui Provincial Committee of Economy and Information Technology jointly announced the provincially recognized corporate technology centers of 2017. CEEC AHEDI's corporate technology center has been honored as excellent.

    Recognition of corporate technology centers in Anhui is the government's recognition and support of corporate technology centers in major industries that have strong innovation capabilities, outstanding innovation performance and play an important demonstrative role in order to encourage and guide enterprises to continuously improve the capabilities of independent innovation and identify the main players in technological innovation and investment in science and technology. Anhui Committee of Economy and Information Technology has established a special project of development of innovation capabilities of corporate technology centers, Anhui Development and Reform Commission has initiated the high-tech industrialization program, and Anhui Department of Science and Technology has launched the special scientific and technological program, all to financially support the provincially recognized corporate technology centers. CEEC AHEDI was first recognized in 2013, has been since reviewed every two years, and it has been the second review in 2017.

    In recent years, CEEC AHEDI has continuously strengthened scientific and technological innovation. Guided, led and driven by the platform, CEEC AHEDI has continuously gathered innovative resources to give satisfactory results to scientific research projects, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and lead the high-quality development of the company with its core advantages.